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So, I just draw little stupid pictures and thought that I would share them with ya'll. Yes I am aware that they suck
Priscilla Elegy
Age: 22
Date of birth: July 18, 1995
Appearance: You will typically find Priscilla in a pair of clingy, comfortable, cotton jeans and a light purple turtleneck as well as a pair of comfy dress shoes. She has fair, white skin as well as short, silver hair that she styles to fall in front of her her right eye. She stands at about 5'4 and is a skinnier individual.
Abilities: None
Likes: Flying types, poetry, reading, the quiet, a good battle, good sports, literature, ELA, children
Dislikes: Sorrow, spiders, intense violence (Besides a competitive or friendly battle), anger or hatred.
Bio: Priscilla was always that one quiet girl in school. She secluded herself from many and was extremely shy. She never really had any friends growing up but, she didn't really want any either. As she grew older the kids grew meaner and soon started bullying her over her style of fashion and her inability to socialize. This sent the girl into a state of sadness and fear of people in general. Soon the bullying became so bad that she would take a knife to her own wrist, she had officially become depressed. Every night she would cry in her closet as she would make another cut due to those awful kids. She thought it would never end. One day as she was taking her usual route through the Evergreen Woods to get home, her biggest bullies followed her, tripped her, and forced her to eat the dirt. She wouldn't ask them to stop because she knew it would only make it worse as she sat there and sobbed with a mouth full of dirt. A wild Vespiquen appeared and saw what was happening as she got a group of Combee to help fend the bulies off, after a very, one sided battle. The Vespiquen checked on Priscilla to see if she was alright and then followed her home. Afterwards it soon handed a pokeball to the girl and then captured itself, these two have been through everything together since then. At the age of fourteen she was roaming around at night with Vespiquen at her side and found an Aerodactyl flying away from something chasing it, after analyzing that it was in danger, she ordered Vespiquen to attack and found out that it was a team from the region before her own. They identified as team laughter and tried to attack her, however, the Aerodactyl came back and took care of the goons. She asked if she could capture it and the answer was yes. Just days later she found the same team trying to capture a poor Gliscor as she once again fended them off, catching the Pokemon for herself, after some persuading. On her eighteenth birthday she traveled to Fantasy city for a day and managed to catch a Salamence who was going AWOL in the center of town. It thought of her as a valuable oppponent and offered to be her pokemon. Porfessor Acacia, awarded her with a mega stone for her new pokemon and said that she should by a gym leader, and at the age of 19 she replaced the old one and beame the new leader of Arial city, armed with the same pokemon she had from the year before. She has four but will only fight with three, switching between Gliscor and Aerodactyl.
All of my oc's are open for tickle replays for the record, I prefer being ler but I don't have much of a problem with being a lee.
What's going on rn in the fetish community has me absolutely shocked and disgusted with humans today. Why can't we all just learn to except each other and our differences instead of insulting each other based on them. It's not fucking right.
                                The Nexis Region


Lumbar City: Home of Professor Acacia and her research lab. Can get any starter from any region at her lab

Abundance Plains: A place where many normal types are found

Searing City: Home to many citizens. It is a very popular place and is the host to the famous
pancake joint, "Harper's Hotcakes", and the nightclub, "Incandescence." Said club is a gym as well, the leader being Jared Jordans, who also works as owner of the club and DJ

Route 1: A windy route where normal and flying type Pokemon can be found

Ominous Woods: A shortcut to Shadowgleam city, but a very dangerous area. It harbors powerful ghost, dark, flying, and bug type Pokemon.

Evergreen Forest: Home to many friendly bug and grass type Pokemon. In the center of the woods is the strangely placed Electric type gym. The gym leader is Kira Morrison.

Route 5: A straight route with little to no Pokemon.

Sandlot Village: A village with low population. Ground types are residing here, but don't necessarily show up, at least not often.

Route 6: A straight route where you can see a statue of a Gyarados in the middle of a large lake over the Magikarp Bridge. This route ends into two different paths. One path leads to Arial City, and another to Scrapyard Town.

Scrapyard Town: This town is known for it's criminals, and more importantly, the HQ of Team Scar. In the safest part of town, just before the town's entrance, is an apartment complex called "Hardy Oaks," a Pokemon center, a diner entitled "The Poke-people's Diner: Home of roasted Poke-puffs," but townsfolk just call it "People's Diner." at the end of town is a training gym for Pokemon and people alike to help defend against team Scar's antics. It is also an actual gym where , the head trainer, Eric Berker, is the leader. The town is decently small so travel isn't all too difficult.

Arial City: Home to many museum's, the famous newspaper "Nexis News," the region's only airport, and the Aviary of many rare Flying types. It holds a yearly TV show called "The Highest Flyer," In which teams of trainer, and flying types, compete in a reality, elimination type show (Like Big Brother and Survivor). The Aviary is also a gym, managed by the leader, Priscilla Elegy.

Wavesurfer River: A river that is connected to Scrapyard Town and Arial city, and the only way onto Surfer's beach, which is on the border of Splash City. Many water types are found here, being a very popular fishing spot for many.

Surfer's Beach: A beach with waters that contain giant waves, a popular attractions for surfers or daring jet skiers. The water is crystal clear and the sand it pure white. An unnamed Tiki shack resides toward the front of it and serves Hotdogs, Hamburgers, and different drinks (Mainly Lemonade and Martinis).

Splash City: A place of joy, for most. Home of Surfer's Beach and the giant Splash City Pool. Which is next to the gym. Gym battles are done in said pool as the competitors Stand on either side as their Pokemon fight it out in the pool itself. Platforms come from the base of it for fire types are Pokemon who would perform horribly in water. This is so GYm Leader Summer Ray gets a decently fair fight.

Route 13: A route with moderate Pokemon encounters. It is a straight route that leads into Mt. Peak.

Mt. Peak: A mountain that can be both escalated, or traveled through. The quicker route is through it, as the Mt. Peak cave is a straight through passageway. Only problem is that it is highly populated by Zubat, and being worked on by very Bored Miners. Hiking it can help you see the entirety of Shadowgleam city, once you've reached the top. Both ways will lead you straight to the city.

Shadowgleam City: A peaceful city of dim lights a strange residents. There is a hotel there called "Andrea's," Which is run by the gym leader's mother. The gym is in the center of town, and the leader's name is Adrian Becotte. It is home to many Dark type Pokemon.

Route 17: A confusing route with many paths that typically lead back to the center of it. The route is much more of a Maze, each path leads somewhere different, there are four of them. One path leads to Sand Dune City, another to Shadowgleam City, another to the Ominous Woods, and the last to Silvereye City.

Sand Dune City: A dessert area where many ground types are found. It is a ghost town area where no one but lost travelers reside. There are three pyramids, each being the home to three different ground types, one to the Sandile evolutionary chain, one to the Geodude evolutionary chain, and one to the Onix evolutionary chain.

Silvereye City: A city of industry and economy. Many factories and railroads exist here, as well as roads and bridges. It is home to different lakes, all good spots for fishing. There is a very large park for Pokemon to play, both wild and domestic. In the center of town is the gym, which is on the top floor of the boat factory. The gym leaders name is Xavier Beckermen.

Route 36: This route leads to Fantasy City. It is a basic route where many normal types and even some low level dragon types are found.

Fantasy City: A town that is split in half between Fairy and Dragon types. The half with Fairy types is bustling with the color pink and many peaceful civilians, mainly because of the sweet scents that come from the Pokemon there. Few battles occur here but in return, the famous sweet tooth places "Julie's Cupcakes", "Culture Cakes", and "Barry's Bakery
The Dragon type half is where the Dragon's festival, (Kinda like the Renaissance festival) and the Test of True Power tournament. An event that determines whether or not you get to face the Gym Leader the next day after the finals. Winner of the tournament gets this chance, and they had better be ready for a fight against Jacklyn Black. She may not have a gym, but she does have the badge.

Destiny's Pathway: A long road that lead's you to the home of the champion Damitrius Samsnug.

Masters Bluff: A large mountain, in the middle of nowhere. The residents all include the parents the gym leaders. They have the same Pokemon, but are much more powerful and skilled. They have a decent ratio of wins and losses against the Champion each. Most who struggle with one of their children will scale to the flat mountain top and stay with said leader's parent(s) until that master decides if they are ready to leave or not.


Team Scar: Team Scar is based on the outskirts of Scrapyard Town. They have recruits everywhere and typically follow the same plan. Dress up like a mega stone salesman/woman, and convince a trainer that one of their Pokemon can mega evolve. They do in deed of meg stones, but they are infused with false power, so when the trainer attempts to mega evolve their Pokemon, both will pass out because the surge of power would be too much. From then they would kidnap the trainer's Pokemon and force it to be their own. There are different squadrons: Goons, who go through with the Salesman scheme and do minor battles, like against kids and new trainers. Spies, who examine and investing large areas to find out places for goons to hit and to steer clear from. Soldiers, those who take on tougher opponents and even sometimes target gym leaders. Finally, Elites, who have outstandingly strong Pokemon, these members are the bosses under the boss. They assign jobs and missions to the lower team members and sometimes get sent to do some dirty work, like if a spy spots a very powerful/rare Pokemon, whether it be wild or tamed.

(It comes after TheWolfofAberdeen's region, and was inspired by his.) (P.S, characters coming shortly)


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I just love to roleplay and make OC's so that is mainly what this will be about. My profile that is. Also, I'm really into tickling and feet so all of my oc's are available for that stuff too.


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